Frequently Asked Questions

Questions, questions, questions, so many questions! Please read through our FAQ's to find an answer to the most common hair style questions. Any questions not addressed here will certainly be answered during your consultation appointment.
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What will my hair service cost?

Many factors determine the cost of any hair service. It is nearly impossible to quote an accurate price on our website without seeing the current condition of your hair. Please book a consultation to receive the most accurate quote for the hairstyle you wish to achieve. The same goes for conversations on the phone. Understand that we are with a client in the chair, and do not have the luxury of time to explain the cost of having your hair done while our client is patiently waiting. Please, book a consultation. All your questions will be answered during your one on one consultation

What are the many factors that determine the cost of my hair service?

There are many factors that determine the cost of your hair service. Before you can ask for a price, we have a few questions of our own that we will need answering. Questions like; When was the last time your hair was serviced? What service was done to your hair? Is there any store bought box dyes currently on your hair? Have you bleached or attempted to bleach your hair, and if so did you or another stylist attempt to cover up any undesirable results. Have you ever performed a hair stain test? Are your expectations of having your hair transformed from its current condition to the beautiful hair style you desire reasonable and attainable? Note: Many times several appointments are required to attain the desired hair color.