Vamp Salon LLC Hair Style Photo Gallery

  • Hairstyle Pink Blonde Rose Gold
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    Pink Blonde Rose Gold
    March 26, 2018
  • Violet Purple Rhapsody hair color
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    Violet Purple Rhapsody Hair
    February 13, 2018
  • Strawberry Blond Pink Hair
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    Strawberry Blonde Pink Hair
    February 6, 2018
  • Tanzanite Gem Red Hair
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    Tanzanite Gem Inspired Hair
    January 30, 2018
  • Pink Hair Vamp Salon LLC
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    Lusciously Long Vibrantly Pink Hair
    January 23, 2018
  • Erika Creston Vamp Salon LLC
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    Mahogany Garnet Hair
    January 16, 2018
  • Vamp Salon LLC Erika Creston
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    Color Tripping TIGI Copyright Colour
    January 9, 2018
  • Erika Creston Vamp Salon LLC
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    Favorite Purple Hair Color Palette
    January 2, 2018

Our core values.

We Foster Education

Education is at the forefront of our priorities. Continuous practice and education are why Vamp Salon LLC is on the cutting edge of haircuts, hair color, and the latest trendy hairstyles. Our stylists attend local classes, and trade shows regularly. Our staff also travels to New York annually to attend the TIGI Academy in Soho.

We Pursue Excellence

The pursuit of excellence drives our commitment to education. Our stylists thrive on education. Vamp Salon LLC knows that excellence only exists in the absence of stagnation. Our staff works closely with one another to improve our skills together and share each other’s experiences. It’s that experience which sets us apart from our competitors, and the beautiful hair we provide to our clients exemplifies our commitment.

We Practice Honesty

When it comes to great hair, we all must face a bit of honesty. Sometimes as individuals we can become consumed with looks and styles that may not complement our overall style. Sometimes these styles may not even be possible to achieve. Stylist at Vamp Salon assess our client’s hair as well as consider your desired look. The assessment allows our stylists to provide our clients with an honest, professional opinion while providing viable hairstyle options to our clients.

We Create Fun

Hairstyles are fun, flirty, sexy, and they should evoke the highest level of confidence in the individual. Our stylists love the work they do because there are many elements of hairstyles that are truly fun. Of course, the reward of performing excellent service is pretty fun too!

About our process.

Communication via Consultation

01 Communication between the hair client and the stylist is paramount. The stylist must know the hair clients "hair history" and have a clear picture of the hair clients desired hairstyle and hair color.

02 The first step to great hair starts with an exceptional consultation. Vamp Salon cannot stress enough the importance of having a consultation before the day you arrive to have your hair serviced.

03 During your consultation, your stylist will first review your “hair history.” Your stylist will ask you questions about when the last time your hair was cut or colored? The stylist will ask about the process used to color your hair? Full disclosure is a must, so if you used store boxed dye please be honest!

04 Once your stylist has all the history of your hair, they will want to know what is your desired hairstyle. This is your opportunity to be as creative as you like when describing the style you wish to achieve. Your stylist will guide you on what is possible based on the current condition of your hair.

Book Your Appointment

01 Upon completion of your consultation, your stylist will guide you as to which service will be your best choice for your first appointment. You can book your first hair service appointment right after your consultation. If you prefer to wait to book your appointment, you can
always visit us online at

02 On the day of your appointment, we ask that you, please arrive on time. It's very important that we start your appointment on time to ensure our hair clients after your appointment may start and finish their appointments on time as well. During your appointment, please enjoy free wifi, water, coffee, or wine while your stylist is performing your hair service.

03 We ask that you do not bring any guests with you to your appointment so that you and your stylist may be focused on completing your hair services effectively. We understand that you may need to bring your child with you, but we ask that arrangements be made for your child to be attended by another person so that again you and your stylist are not distracted by having to attend to your child.

04 While you are processing, your color cape may have color products smeared on it around where your hair makes contact with your cape. Also, it's possible that a little color or bleach has dripped onto your cape. In no way is it your responsibility, but we simply would like to make you aware of the situation. Staying in the service area helps keep the salon waiting area clean and we appreciate your cooperation.

Ongoing Hair Care

01 Your hairstyle and hair health will evolve. With proper care and maintenance, your hair will improve and become healthier than ever. After your appointment, it's important to continue to use hair products that protect the substantial investment you have made in your hairstyle.

02 During your appointment, your stylist will discuss proper hair maintenance. The stylist will demonstrate the products used and make recommendations about which shampoo, conditioner, and styling products are best to suit your hair needs.

03 By using the products purchased from Vamp Salon, you accomplish more than simply maintaining great hair. You also support a local business. Your support is what keeps our stylist dreams alive. They too wish to support their livelihood with their career, and your support is deeply appreciated.

04 Vamp Salon is a TIGI Copyright Colour Salon. This means your hair color is truly one of a kind. The color formula is custom created for your hair specifically which means your hair is exceptionally unique. Ask about the products available to protect your hair, and always rebook your next appointment!

Directions to Vamp Salon LLC

Hair Salon Address:

2170 Main St. Ste. C

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From Brentwood Ca:

Travel West on CA4 towards Oakley Ca. Once you cross the intersection at Carol Ln and CA4, make your first right into the Main Street Shops parking lot. Once you've turned into the parking lot, Vamp Salon LLC is Located on your left in suite C across from Starbucks.

From Antioch Ca:

Travel East on CA4 towards Oakley Ca. Make a U-Turn at the intersection of Carol Ln and CA4. Next, make your first right into the Main Street Shops parking lot. Once you've turned into the parking lot, Vamp Salon LLC is Located on your left in suite C across from Starbucks.

Contact Vamp Salon LLC

Hair Salon Hours:

Tuesday - Saturday
10:00 - 07:00

Hair Salon Address:

2170 Main St
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