Hair Salon near Oakley, Ca. Providing hair extensions and hair coloring services.

About Us

About Us – Vamp Salon LLC has been a leader in the hairstyling industry since 2011, located originally in Oakley, CA and now in Antioch, CA on 415 West 3rd st. Erika Creston and Katie Miller are co-founders who have over 12 years of experience as cosmetologists. Their goal is to provide customers with excellent value and an unforgettable experience. With their wealth of knowledge and expertise, they specialize in hair extensions, coloring, styling and treatments. We invite you to join the Vamp Salon family and experience the difference in our service. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

Hi, I’m Erika Creston. I am the Co-founder and Co-owner of Vamp Salon Extension Studio in Antioch, CA. I have over 12 years of professional experience in the hair salon industry, specializing in hand-tied extensions and custom hair color. In particular, I love working with blondes, brunettes, and everything in the color spectrum. I am passionate about making my guests beautiful, and I love helping them see their true beauty. I emphasize my clients’ outer beauty to bring out the highlights of their inner beauty.

I am trained in the Natural Beaded Row Hair extension method, one of the most popular methods today for creating natural-looking hair extensions. I aim to provide each of my guests with an incredible salon experience that leaves them feeling beautiful and confident!

There are a lot of extension artists out there right now, and several methods are available. Why choose me?

I have been doing extensions for over seven years. I don’t do extensions every once in a while, and I do them almost daily. Most of my guests are extension clients. I am constantly training, and I’m getting my reps daily. Over the years, I’ve gotten more efficient ways to do things. I constantly critique my work to ensure I’m continually growing.

I invest in myself. Becoming the best at your trade is not just a one-day certification class; it’s consistency. I’m a part of the DKW Styling Academy, which involves constant training, homework, and feedback. I’m always submitting my extension work, color, and photography to be graded and critiqued.

I am an exceptional colorist and I take great care in matching the extensions to your natural hair color because I want you to feel confident and beautiful, just like I do.

To book your complimentary consultation, click the link above my bio and fill out the short questionnaire. I look forward to transforming you both physically and emotionally! 

Katie Miller

Hi, I’m Katie Miller. I am co-founder and co-owner of Vamp Salon Extension Studio in Antioch, CA. Art and creativity drive me, and hair is my medium of choice. I’ve been in the hair salon industry for 16 years. I have traveled across the US for industry-leading training and worked as a color educator. I specialize in extensions and custom colors. I am a true color specialist: blonde, red, brunette, and fashion shades. I love them all. Honestly, lived-in dimensional looks are my expertise.

I am enrolled in DKW Styling Academy, a very intense program that requires regular homework and photo submissions for critique and feedback to ensure my work is flawless. This lets me stay on top of technique changes to provide my clients with the best service. Because education is so important to me, I aimed beyond a simple certification and sought to be licensed in an industry-leading extension method.

I specialize in both NBR (Natural Beaded Row) hand-tied extensions and WBR (Waterfall Beaded Row) volume weft machine-tied extensions. My favorite place is behind the chair, creating the hair you’ve always dreamed of and cultivating the confidence you strive for with handcrafted hair and remarkable style. I can’t wait to get to know you and hand-tailor your dream hair.

Satisfied client receiving best hair salon services at Vamp Salon.
Hair Salon near Oakley, Ca. Providing hair extensions and hair coloring services.

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